MR Imaging Biomarkers


Prostate Cancer Quantitative MR Imaging, Tumor Localization, Imaging Biomarkers for Hypoxia and Malignancy Probability Mapping in Prostate Cancer

Diagnostic support tools based on MR imaging could provide better anatomical visualization, tumor localization and hypoxia probability mapping of the prostate. Accessing imaging biomarkers of malignancy probability helps physicians to have more accurate and faster diagnosis.

Our Diagnostic and Treatment Services In Prostate include advanced Quantitative MR analysis:

  • Multi b-value diffusion weighted imaging (intra-voxel incoherent motion imaging (IVIM)) : Simultaneous quantification of perfusion and diffusion parameters for assessment of hypoxia map
  • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS): Analysis of tissue metabolism
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE): Quantification of perfusion and permeability parameters


  • Prostate


  • Enhancement computation
  • Wash-out computation
  • ADC computation
  • Automatic mapping


  • Volume and measures
  • Enhancement histogram
  • Kinetics repartition


  • Standardized reports
  • Easy data sharing


  • Texture
  • IVIM computation
  • DCE computation
  • Kurtosis computation
  • MRS