Neurosurgery Quantitative MR imaging, Biopsy planning, Pre-Surgery planning, Post-therapeutic Monitoring

Image-guided surgery is rapidly developing into an essential tool for neurosurgeons. KIO group uses optimized images for accurate surgical guidance, quantification analysis of derived images of magnetic resonance Imaging and their combination in order to provide tumor features analysis as an important index in surgical procedures plans.

Our Diagnostic and Treatment Services In Neurosurgery include advanced Quantitative MR analysis:



Specific Application:


  • Enhancement computation
  • Wash-out computation
  • ADC computation
  • Automatic mapping


  • Volume and measures
  • Enhancement histogram
  • Kinetics repartition


  • Standardized reports
  • Easy data sharing


  • Texture
  • IVIM computation
  • DCE computation
  • Kurtosis computation
  • MRS