Neuroscience Quantitative MR imaging, Prediction, Treatment Planning and Monitoring with Optimized MRI Biomarkers

Our Diagnostic and Treatment Services In Neuroscience include advanced Quantitative MR analysis:

  • Professional Consultation due to brain MR imaging protocols
    in order to develop Neuroscience Studies
  • Develop fMRI Studies
  • Derive brain structural parameters such as different regional
    brain atrophy and cortex thickness
  • Develop treatment interventions due to brain mapping
  • Analyze required data of neurosciences specialists for advance treatments
  • Present clinical outputs in order to use in TMStDCS


  • Enhancement computation
  • Wash-out computation
  • ADC computation
  • Automatic mapping


  • Volume and measures
  • Enhancement histogram
  • Kinetics repartition


  • Standardized reports
  • Easy data sharing


  • Texture
  • IVIM computation
  • DCE computation
  • Kurtosis computation
  • MRS